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W o r k i n g      G e r m a n      S h e p h e r d


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Baia Mare , Str. Ciocarliei
nr. 80 , cod :430094

There are many reasons a man could have to love the German Sheperd breed,being a breed with a great area of utility and also the moust popular breed on the planet.
The German Sheperd has all the abillities of a complete working or company dog,he is trustfull,very attached to his master,competitive,easy to train,adaptable to any envirroment,so in conclussion a dog good for everything.
This breed is the "masterpiece" breed from all german breeds and its based on this next motto "the second place is first of the loosers' above all things the German Sheperd must be a utility dog,the 'perfect atleeth',his body and mind designed for work are essential and a breed charactheristic,otherwise it can't be called at all a German Sheperd.
Our kennel started by importing dogs from Cszeh and Slovakia,we wanted a strong genetic base for our rigouros selection in the future,base that can offer mergeing beauty and great temperament.
Each of our dogs will have the reproduction right according the regulation,all the requirred tests (DNA,HD,ED)and the work exams.
To breed Working German Sheperd lines its not easy,this selection its based on 'temperament,stress,resistance,lot of working time and maximum concentration'
Thank you for visiting our site,we are at your service for any question or information
you might need regarding dogs and we offer our puppies under "SAMGUARD KENNEL"label.

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